Root Canal Treatment at Richardsons Dental And Craniofacial Hospital

A tooth includes hard enamel, dentin, and cementum with soft pulp tissue within the center. The pulp is really a living tissue that includes bloodstream vessels, nerve fibers, lymphatics, and ligament. It nourishes your tooth and extends in the crown like a pulp chamber towards the root like a root canal. The amount of canals differs from tooth to tooth, with respect to the quantity of roots inside a tooth.


Decay or dental caries are blackish discolorations frequently observed around the tooth surface. Cariogenic bacteria contained in the mouth area functions around the tooth surface leading to caries or tooth decay. Within the early stages, these microorganisms are involved in the enamel and symbolized with a blackish discoloration. You might observe mild to moderate sensitivity once decay spreads towards the dentin because of its numerous nerve endings.

Because the decay approaches the pulp, you might experience discomfort that varies in intensity. Subsequently, if untreated, the problem spreads with the canals, towards the root, and in to the underlying bone representing a swelling or pus discharge through sinus opening.


Root Canal Treatment or RCT involves removing pulp tissue in the tooth. It’s given like a treatment choice to avoid removing the painful carious tooth and it is frequently the final resort for patients struggling with severe sensitivity. Dentists also intentionally perform root canal treatments before certain dental treatments like fixed partial dentures for teeth substitute. We do root canal when treating a fractured tooth with pulp exposure.


Root canal treatment involves complete elimination of the pulp tissue, therefore devitalizing your tooth. This method only eliminates the proprioception from the tooth its function in eating and speech remain unaffected, because of RCT.

Root canal remedies are usually done under local anesthesia to lessen discomfort and anxiety in patients. The dental professional accesses the main canal with the openings made around the occlusal top of the tooth. He  intensely cleans and irrigates the canals to ensure they are free of infections and irritants. Then he treats the canals with intracanal medications.

We’ll close the canals permanently with gutta-percha and seal the affected region with permanent filling material – usually having a miracle add posteriors and glass ionomer cement in anterior. In this course of treatment, people are under mandatory antibiotics.

Following The PROCEDURE

Of all occasions, it requires just one sitting to accomplish a root canal treatment, but may it might require multiple visits. At Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, Nagercoil, there exists a specialised group of endodontists, i.e., dentists who concentrate on root canal treatment.

Following root canal treatment, we advise obtaining a cap or jacket crown within the treated teeth to revive its shape, strength, and performance. Root canal treatment dehydrates your tooth with time, they become brittle. We, therefore , always advise patients to put a dental crown to help keep it strong and secure.

Dr. Sunil Richardson supervises all root canal treatments in the Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital. We are able to make sure that your treatment methods are painless and done in one sitting.

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